Data Science Intern

Chicago, Illinois, United States


note: We continuously accept applications for this position, but hire for it rarely. If you want to hear specifically when we are hiring, please subscribe here and indicate you'd be interested in working for us.

We are a small, selective team of data scientists that love using data to solve important problems. As a growing company with a flat hierarchy, we look for colleagues who don't need a boss to get things done and are comfortable stepping up to lead when necessary. Every Datascoper (even interns!) is involved in work that has a visible impact on the future of our company.

Not sure if you're cut out to be a data scientist?

Don't touch that back button! Our team includes a physicist-gone-wild, a computer engineer with a knack for design, a former geologist, a reformed Big 6 consultant, and a robotics wizard, among others. A formal data science background isn't a necessity if you've got a demonstrated set of capabilities and a hunger to learn. It's also worth mentioning here that we work hard to make Datascope a place that's comfortable for everyone to work, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, or gender identity.

Everyone at Datascope learns from each other on a continual basis. What can we learn from you?

A day in the life of a Data Science Intern

Our interns follow a similar trajectory to the first few months of our full time hires. You'll start by dreaming up a personal passion project or hopping on an existing internal effort at Datascope that matches your interests, and dive in to get practice at skills you may be weak at. As your internship progresses, you'll meet everyone at the company and get a feel for how we work, and take on more responsibility: joining client projects, wearing internal "hats", and drafting proposals. If you stick around for longer than a few months, you'll get to do even more of that. Our internship program is designed to help you see every aspect of the business, pursue your curiosities, build your skills, and feel accomplished.


We don't have that many formal requirements for this role, but we look for an active interest in data science, software, or data visualization, demonstrated by example work you can share with us— a portfolio of open source contributions, personal projects, presentations, or other things that show that you were interested in a subject, took some initiative to learn about it, and applied it to a real problem.

Here are some other characteristics we look for. Our ideal colleague:

The best applications have well-written answers to our questions and examples of past work.


You'll receive a comfortable salary for Chicago, and will be provided a brand new Mac and pair of headphones of your choice on your first day. As a short-term employee, you are not eligible for health care or retirement benefits at this time. We do, however, hope to convince you to join Datascope on a full-time basis in the future.

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